XPeria Z Unlock Bypass

So I’ve recently purchased a Sony Xperia Z phone for myself which I must add is a lovely phone. However being a developer I thought I’d see about how to unlock the phone during which I found a way of completely bypassing the security on the phone which really is a major security flaw.

  1. Go to the unlock screen
  2. Go to the emergency call dialog
  3. Enter the number *#*#7378423#*#* to get to the service area
  4. Go to Service tests
  5. Go to NFC
  6. Select the NFC Diag Test
  7. After test completed press the home button


This seems to be a very very easy way around the security and very easy to do.



This is strange but I’ve found an option which as the battery last so god dammn long could work if people are really that bothered.

  1. Use the code described on the emergency dialer to get to the service menu
  2. Open service tests
  3. Open the NFC test
  4. Do not run the test, press the home button
  5. Unlock your phone as normal

Once you have done this as long as you leave the background task of the NFC window and don’t close it the exploit does not work. If you lock your phone and try the code the service menu won’t open up any more. It’s an option, if needs I can make another video

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