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Sadly a week ago my long owned and tusty HD200x projector that I’ve had for the last 4 years decided that the sordid images I’d burnt in to it over the years and become all too much and it gave up the ghost. This was a sad time, it was 1080p projector that provider me with hours of entertainment hanging in my bedroom allowing to game and watch TV and Movies all from the comfort of my own bed. In many ways this was my Jabba the Hutt time, I could sit on my bed throne with some take-out on my lap, movies on the big screen and enjoy the fun on screen causing me to echo out a Jabba style o-chohohaha-hohoho comments.

Luckily for me I’d recently had a car crash and although at the time I thought this was a bad thing I now had a wad off cash burning to be spent. Therefore it was time to upgrade, last night 24/02/2014 I popped on down to Richer Sounds in Bournemouth http://www.richersounds.com/stores/bournemouth to pick up my chosen projector of choice the Optoma HD25e. The staff were great, fast and efficient and I had also just joined the VIP for Richer so I got a £10 voucher to spend, within no time I had my item and had taxi’d back home set it up and was ready to go.

A quick overview of the beast

  • 3D 1080P
  • 2800 ANSI Lumens
  • 20,000:1 contract
  • Built in 10W SRS speaker

Good throw, loads of connections and a full spec list can be found here http://www.optoma.co.uk/projectordetailshccs.aspx?ShowMenu=HE&PTypedb=Home%20Entertainment&PC=HD25e

First Impressions

To me my first impressions were nothing awe inspiring as I had come from a previous model. There wasn’t really a mass of differences apart from the colour when it cam to the style but that wasn’t really what I cared about. The first time I fired it up I had to go through the standard set up which including adjusting the keystone but the rest of the colour and brightness profiles seemed to adjust to what I needed straight away. A quick focus and everything was good. The new projector was definitely vastly brighter that the original and the image was a lot more sharp. First I had to put both of my pairs of glasses on charge, this was simply a task of connecting each on via a provided cable to a USB port. I had ordered a Chinese so I promptly went about making a food baby while everything was charging up.

Stage 1 – Testing on the PC

With the projector enabled an connected via DVI to HDMI connection I performed the Nvidia Stereoscopic setup and calibration which went through a series of tests warning me of sort of injury which I might get using 3D, I quickly skipped through all that and the tests calibrated correctly. Sadly I didn’t have time to get a proper 3D game up but Assassins Creed: Black Flag looked pretty good never the less. I will possibly look to do one at some point.

Stage 2 – Testing Blu-ray

I chose to connect my PS3 and run Avengers 3D for this test. I’ve watched this movie on our passive 3D TV before but the experience on full wall and active was so so much better. Firstly the menus really popped out of the screen. I didn’t test the sound as I was connected through optical of my Z906 Logitech surround PC speakers which sounded amazing with Avengers. The colour and the brightness of the movie was outstanding, obviously wearing the 3D glasses makes everything look darker but without 3D the quality of the picture was way beyond that of my HD200X and I was very happy. The 3D on Avengers is reasonable but everything that was done well in the movie really popped out to the max and came from the screen, the highlight as far as 3D goes was Hawkeye’s arrows being fired across the city, this really really popped out.


This projector is amazing for the price and is definitely better than having a 3D TV. The colours, the brightness are both amazing and the image quality is super sharp. Also the auto calibration and the menus were far better than my old projector so this was a big plus.

  • Blu-ray: 9/10
  • Quality: 9/10
  • Brightness: 8/10
  • Gaming: TBC
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