Synology DSM 3.1 Beta

I own a Synology NAS that I use as the power house of the house. I’ve had a few different models but currently I own this one DS409+ which has so far been pretty epic. It’s an amazing little product and does all of the following things in our house

  • Holds 8TB of space in RAID 5
  • Has built in UpnP and DLMA stream of music and videos to compliant renderers
  • Has a full AJAX management system via most popular web browsers
  • Has built in Download station that can download a range of popular file transfer formats
  • Audio station for playing music from the NAS in the browser
  • A range of Android and IPhone/IPad apps

Now despite all of these features there are a couple of features that I really would love, such as auto RSS downloading, playing video in the browser from the NAS and some others. As of a few weeks ago there is now a new version of the DSM (Disk Station Manager) that powers all of these features that has new version of most of the major web application in the system.

For a full feature list check out DSM 3.1 Beta Feature List

I am in the process of uploading this to the NAS, so hopefully all will go well. I’ll add a post with the results later and maybe some photos of my baby. 🙂

DMS 3.1 Beta Download Station

DMS 3.1 Beta Download Station

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