JQuery UK Conference Oxford

It was awesome, some key points were

  • JQuery mobile and unifying interfaces between web, mobile web and native apps when building responsive apps
  • New and exciting improvement to Firefox and Chrome developer tools including mobile debugging via the web browser
  • Using the Aloha Editor, a full HTML5/JQuery real WYSIWYG in page editor for editing content
  • Building large scare applications minimising dependency, decoupling and building modular javascript stopping breaking javascript from affecting other areas

We also had a chat with the guys from Kendo UI a front end UI framework that looked pretty awesome and hung out at the after party with Christian Heilmann a Mozilla developer evangelist and friend/colleague of ex Redwebber Rob Hawkes at Mozilla. Great event and some very clever people.

Was highly impressed with Addy Osmani and his awesome talk on building large scale JavaScript applications, going to have to go over the slides when I can and dissect it all 🙂

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