• Professional Experience in the development of .NET multi tiered systems including the development of applications, web services, web sites, mobile web sites and pocket PC applications using the compact framework
  • Professional knowledge in .NET 1.0 – 4.0 including Generics/LINQ/Lambda Expressions/MVC and a thorough working knowledge of the .NET core libraries.
  • Expert experience in building complicated SQL SERVER 2000, 2005 and 2008 databases for use in web applications. Vast experience in writing complicated/fast T-SQL queries, levering Database tools, indexing correctly using execution plans as well as most SS tasks.
  • Specialised Expertise in web development using XHTML, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 and MySQL in academia and professionally
  • Professional knowledge of XSL and XPATH for transforming XML into XHTML/HTML
  • Knowledge and understanding in XML technologies including XML, XML Schema, XSD and their integration within ADO.NET and working with disconnected data.
  • Great understanding of Human Computer Interface design standards and developing for user needs using analysis and psychology to make systems intuitive and professional. (HCI)
  • Limited Knowledge of programming languages C and JAVA
  • Understanding and expertise using system development techniques such as Waterfall, RAD and Spiral models, using UML and the Rational Unified Process (Business Systems Development)
  • Experience working to the SCRUMM development framework/methodology.
  • Expertise in Google technologies including Mini Integration, SEO, Analytics, Google Maps, Google API and Google Earth
  • Professional experience integration with social networks and social plugins such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, DISCUS
  • Commercial expertise in multiple CMS systems including DotNetNuke, Continuity, Blueprint CMS, WordPress, Immediacy, Zinc Maps and Umbraco
  • Official Certified developer in Sitecore and Umbraco (
Sitecore certified developer logo
Umbraco certified developer logo

About the Author

I am an ASP.NET C# developer working in the south of England current for the south's top digital agency Redweb. I have worked for financial companies, CMS vendors, charities and web agencies tacking a variety of challenges. As part of my jobs and freelance I have done lots of work for high profile companies, big brands and government bodies and worked on some exciting large award winning builds. I love development and enjoy architectural design of software. ScottGu is my .NET hero and the Guru of all thing M$oft