Umbraco 7 – Fix The Tagging Cache

This is a quickie but recently I was working on an Umbraco 7 build and had an issue with the inbuilt Tagging system. The issue was if I added a tag to one page and moved to another my my new tags were not appearing in the dropdown list.

After reflecting on the DLLs, watching the service /umbraco/backoffice/UmbracoApi/TagsData/GetTags?tagGroup=default I could see the tags SHOULD be coming through. Then I found the issue, turns out that the Angular for this area was using a 5 minute cache.  To fix navigate to umbraco/js/umbraco.controller.js and around line 6035 find the code.

prefetch: {
url: umbRequestHelper.getApiUrl(“tagsDataBaseUrl”, “GetTags”, [{ tagGroup: $ }]),
//TTL = 5 minutes
ttl: 300000,
filter: dataTransform

Then change the ttl value from 300000 to 0 and this will fix the issue. This will simply turn caching off but I’ve not seen any issues with this.

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